Want to Sound Like JOHN BONHAM?
With 25 John Bonham Fills for Beginners (volume I), you'll actually have a fighting chance!
John Bonham is one of the most beloved rock drummers of all-time. 

His playing was aggressive, innovative and always grooving and he influenced many of today's best rock drummers including:  Dave Grohl, Matt Cameron, Dave Lombardo, Joey Kramer, Danny Carey and Roger Taylor. And all of these drummers have talked publicly about how Bonham inspired them.

Now, for the first time, we offer a video course that breaks down some of Bonham's best fills from the first 5 Led Zeppelin albums. 

We've chosen 25 fills for you. They're all demonstrated in a step-by-step progression--using both video and a PDF book--so you are sure to be able to learn these fantastic pieces of drumming vocabulary even if you're just getting started with your drumming.

enrollment closes at 10am on tues, 11/7/23

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from the desk of Mark Feldman

Dear Friend, 

One of the secrets to musical success that all the pros know is that it's OK to "steal" ideas from those great artists who came before you on your instrument.

In fact, it's more than OK---it's required!

If you want to get good, why would you try to figure everything out all on your own? If you're smart, you don't do that. It simply takes too long.  

If you want to learn something, wouldn't you want to use the method that gets you as good as you can be as fast as possible?

Of course you would!

And in the case of learning vocabulary---and fills are an important part of that (they're some of the most important "words" that you'll need to learn in order to play drums)---who could be better to emulate than John Bonham? 

He's the guy if you want to be a rock drummer. 

But then, you might be thinking, "Yeah, but who has the time to go figure out all those fills he played? That's gonna take a lot of work!"

Well, guess what? We did all that work for you (and then some! 

What we did was make you a fantastic online video course (with a PDF book) called 25 John Bonham Fills for Beginners (Volume I, 1969 - 1973)

We've transcribed 25 of our favorites from: Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, Led Zeppelin III, Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy. 

Then, my friend, the excellent drummer Tim Buell from Nashville, will take you through every fill, bit by bit and piece by piece so that you can learn any or all of them--even if you are a beginner. 

There's a reason why beginners love us--we teach with the newcomer in mind--and that's different from how most drum educators impart their knowledge to you. 

We don't go too fast when we show you something because we know that playing things slowly helps you to learn. We also have all of the notation up on the screen and a red bar that scrolls through to indicate where we are while we're playing for you.

Check out what Cindy B said: 

"Being able to see the music notation and the movements onscreen were a game changer for me. That could NEVER have happened in a private lesson with the most brilliant teacher in the world, and that's what it took for my brain and body to work together.

You could NEVER have convinced me before that I could learn this much so quickly..."

Are you ready to steal from rock's best? 

We've done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is sign up, watch, practice, and these fills are all yours!

Have fun!

Thanks from your drumming pal,

Mark Feldman, Drummer and Founder

BANG! The Drum School

What You'll Get (& more details):

  • ​​25 of Bonham's best fills explained and demonstrated in detail so you can learn them--even if you're a beginner
  • ​2 hours and 42 minutes of video running time
  • 8 Videos 
  • ​17 page digital ebook w/ instruction, tips, and every fill written out in rhythmic notation. Please note this is NOT a physical book--it's a PDF that you can print out at home.
  • ​All the fills are taken from Led Zeppelin's first 5 albums: Led Zeppelin I, II, III, IV, and Houses of the Holy
  • ​Fills are demonstrated and explained by Nashville drummer Tim Buell, a seasoned pro who has worked on educational projects with Aaron Spears, Aaron Sterling, Ash Soan and many others.
  • ​Fills are played very slowly at first so you can learn regardless of your experience (never played? no problem!)
  • ​As the fills are played during the videos, you'll see a red bar move along the on-screen rhythmic notation, so you'll always understand how what's being played corresponds to what is written.

Here Are Just Some of the Things You'll Discover in the 
25 John Bonham Fills course:

  • Want to know one of the most important drumming secrets that gave John Bonham his “greasy” groove? It’s revealed in “Lesson 2.”
  • If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play those famous “Bonham Triplets” between your hands and feet, now you can. Just go to to fill #6 in the “Lesson 4” video
  • Ever thought about how to create your “own sound”? The exact process to take any drum fill and convert it into a new creation that can define your sound is explained and demonstrated in the “Lesson 8: Innovate” video.
  • ​If shifting back and forth between different rhythms gives you trouble, you’ll love the exercise we show you at the beginning of the “Lesson 2” video.
  • ​If you ever wondered how Bonham was able to develop such great facility with his bass drum, we'll give you some exercises you can use to work on that in “Lesson 2: Technique Builders.”
  • ​You know that fill at the very beginning of “Good Times Bad Times”? We do too, and you’ll learn it in “Lesson 3.”
  • ​Oh, and that mysterious and ever-illusive intro fill to “Rock and Roll”? We’ll break that down for you too; just go to Fill #17 in “Lesson 6.”
  • ​Those classic fills from “Stairway to Heaven”? Learn them in “Lesson 6.”
  • ​If you have any concern that this stuff will be too difficult, don’t worry. Why? Because we’ve created a list of the 10 easiest fills in this course, and you’ll find them in the Introductory video, aka “Lesson 1.”  What you'll discover in this case is that you can do it!

Below is a List of All 25 Fills You'll Learn

  • Intro Fill from "Good Times Bad Times" (from Led Zeppelin)
  • Fill at 0:23 in "Good Times Bad Times"
  • ​Fill at 4:34 in "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" (from Led Zeppelin)
  • ​Fill from 1:22 in "Dazed and Confused" (from Led Zeppelin)
  • ​Fill from 1:27 in "Dazed and Confused"
  • ​Bonham's "patented" hand/foot triplet fill at 4:57 in "Dazed and Confused" (a must-know)
  • ​Fill from 0:32 in "How Many More Times" (from Led Zeppelin)
  • ​Fill from 2:15 in "How Many More Times"
  • ​Fill from 2:47 in "How Many More Times"
  • ​Fill from 4:26 in "Whole Lotta Love" (from Led Zeppelin II)
  • ​Fill from 4:34 in "Whole Lotta Love" (from Led Zeppelin II)
  • ​Fill from 3:00 in "What is and What Should Never Be" (from Led Zeppelin II)
  • Fill from 3:00 in "The Lemon Song" (from Led Zeppelin II)
  • ​Fill from 2:04 in "Ramble On" (Led Zeppelin II)
  • ​Fill from 2:44 in "Out on the Tiles" (from Led Zeppelin III)
  • ​The Must-Know and Often Misunderstood fill from the introduction of "Rock and Roll" (from Led Zeppelin III)
  • ​Fill from 0:48 in "Rock and Roll"
  • ​The two most iconic fills from "Stairway to Heaven" which happen at 5:53 and 6:41 in the song (from Led Zeppelin IV)
  • ​That sick blazing fill from 3:55 in "Misty Mountain Hop" (from Led Zeppelin IV)
  • ​That off-kilter only-Bonham-would-have-thought-of-that fill at 1:48 in "The Song Remains The Same" (from Houses of the Holy)
  • ​The shredding rudimentary inspired fill from 4:07 in "The Song Remains The Same"
  • ​That must-know intro fill from the beginning of "D'yer Maker," and it's equally iconic fill at 0:59 in the same song (from Houses of the Holy)
  • ​​The fill from 0:52 in "No Quarter" (from Houses of the Holy)

Are You Ready to Learn from "Bonzo," the man that Many Have Called the Greatest Rock Drummer of All-Time? 

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